Donald in Maui Mallard

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Country code
E (Europe)
Region locked
PAL optimizations:

  • Music speed

Starting up in NTSC:

  • Region lock

Switching to NTSC after startup:

  • Graphics glitches
  • Slowdown

Using region bypass cheats:

  • Perfect

NotesAlternatively, you can start the game in PAL mode and then switch to NTSC right before the Sega logo shows up. If you don't see any garbage pixels at the top of the screen, the game will then proceed to run perfectly.

The timing of this trick is very precise and may take a few tries to get right.
Region bypass cheatsGame Genie

  • [EAAT-BL1T] - Universal region bypass (USA hardware)

Action Replay

  • [0001F0:5520] - Universal region bypass (USA hardware)

ConclusionGame is playable in NTSC:
Yes (Use cheat device)
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