Mega Drive PAL-60 Games Database

Got a large collection of PAL Mega Drive games, but want to play them in full-screen, full-speed NTSC? Or are you wondering if you can play that one PAL exclusive game on your US Genesis? Then this is the place for you. This database will tell you which PAL games will work in NTSC and what's the best way to accomplish this.

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TitleCountryYearPublisherRegion LockedPlayable in NTSC
Alien SoldierE1995SegaYesPlayable
Another WorldE1991VirginNoNo
Beggar PrinceW2006Super Fighter TeamNoYes
Boogerman: A Pick and Flick AdventureE1994InterplayYesYes
Comix ZoneE1995SegaYesNo
Disney's AladdinE1993VirginYesPlayable
Donald in Maui MallardE1995DisneyYesYes
Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean MachineE1994SegaYesYes
Earthworm JimE1994VirginYesPlayable
Earthworm Jim 2E1995VirginNoPlayable
Ecco the DolphinUE1992SegaNoYes
Eternal ChampionsE1993SegaYesPlayable
Fatal FuryE1993TakaraNoYes
Fatal Fury 2UE1994TakaraNoYes
FlashbackE1993U.S. GoldNoYes
Golden AxeW1990SegaNoYes
Gunstar HeroesE1993SegaYesPlayable
Lion King, TheW1994DisneyNoYes


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